What is the shelf life of St. Stephen?

St. Stephen is best if consumed within 6 weeks of the date it was packed on (located on a sticker on the bottom.) Ripening is a process that takes place over those six weeks, so depending on how ripe you like it is when you should eat it. When it’s packed, the paste is firm and tangy with lots of milk and salt flavor and the rind is brilliant white. Around 6 weeks, the paste will be soft and oozy with a mellow butter flavor and the rind may be starting to brown a bit.

Can we purchase cheese at your creamery?

Yes you can, but we’re mostly here during production hours. There is always someone here between 10 and 4 Monday through Thursday. Sometimes we are open on weekends. Check our Facebook page for announcements. For all other times, feel free to shoot us an email to see if we’re around (fourfatfowl@gmail.com)!

Wait…. How is everyone related?

We get confused too. Josie is Willy’s sister and she’s also Shaleena’s sister in law. Willy is Josie’s brother and Shaleena’s husband. Shaleena is Willy’s wife and Josie’s sister in law. Got it? Don’t worry. There won’t be a quiz.