The Cluck

"I was seriously impressed with the cheese. It's smooth, silky & incredibly buttery! " - Kimberly Kane, The Simple Treat

" There’s a new cheese in town, Stephentown that is, and it’s made by Four Fat Fowl." - Laura Halligan, The Troy Record

"'It’s great to see a local producer of this quality,' says Cheese Traveler owner Eric Paul, who says he’s sold three cases of St. Stephen in a week and a half." -Steve Barnes, Times Union

"...a Jersey cow’s milk cheese that, when warmed to room temperature, has the color and texture of a freshly whipped buttercream frosting and a pillowy white rind wrapped around it. The flavor is intensely buttery, tangy, a little sour, with mushroom and grassy notes, the paste melting in the mouth." - Matt Spiegler, Cheese Notes